Put your best face forward, but learn to spell!

So while I was killing time in the local WalMart this afternoon, I saw the product pictured below. I stared at the packaging for quite a long moment because I honestly wasn’t believing my eyes. It’s a lovely makeup brush, and were I in the market for such a thing, I’d be all over this color. However–it’s KAbuki, folks. Not “kubuki.” I don’t usually trip over typos like this when I’m out and about, so I snapped a photo with my trusty phone-cam.

"Kubuki" (sic) brush
Found in the makeup aisle at the local WalMart

I can understand the “ku” misspelling, because pronunciation (not “pronounciation”) is sloppy in this country (innit?). However, I can find nothing indicating that “kubuki” is an accepted alternate spelling. Therefore, I put my orthopedically-shod foot down firmly and declare: “Learn to spell, marketing and packaging people!”