“Lack toast and tolerant”

If you’re already on Twitter, perhaps you’ve already noticed the Tweets from @cheesecasadia. His modus operandi is simple: He re-Tweets ridiculously bad spellings (or perhaps that should be “misspellings”–it’s difficult to know, when one’s already said they’re bad, you know?) without any commentary at all. His basic belief is “If you can’t spell it, you shouldn’t be allowed to eat it.” (Hence, “cheese quesadilla” became “cheese casadia”–taken directly from the Twitterverse, and turned into his handle.) Here are just a few of the recurring errors @cheesecasadia passes along to his followers. I will not explain them; reading aloud sometimes helps decipher the intended meaning, except in cases where the spelling is a perfectly good word on its own but is misused for another and mispronounced in the process. Good luck!

flaming young

valid Victorian


excepted (as in “to college”)

collage (see immediately above)


self of steam

from the gecko (and it’s not about insurance, either)

80hd (The RPG editor in me wants to capitalize “HD” but that really wouldn’t fix the problem, would it?)

parmajohn (not someone from Ohio soliciting sex–I checked already)

feyonce (She’s not married to JayZ, though–and this one might even be male, from what I’ve seen!)

websight (I confess, that’s a new one on me.)

And of course, the one I used as the title of this post: lack toast and tolerant.

Just look at all the work we proofreaders have screaming for our attention. Look at it, I say!  I have plenty of aspirin, ibuprofen, acetominophen, naproxen sodium . . .  and Malibu rum.