Call for Submissions, as it were

It’s been brought to my attention that I hadn’t said this yet, so I’m correcting that oversight.

By all means, if you find suitable grist for this particular mill, please email us at:
grammargeddon [at] gmail [dot com]

Ray and I both monitor that account. Between us, we should be able to keep up with the inevitable avalanche of mail.

The only sources I’m calling off limits are and classified ads. CNN has obviously stopped caring whether their web content is correct or not, and classifieds–well, as a friend put it earlier today, “They’re just such low-hanging fruit.” Too easy. Not acceptable. Just about everything else, though, is fair game.

Please provide a URL if the material’s on the web somewhere, or a screen shot, or a copy of the email, or other proof of the error so we can do our due diligence. I mean–even a picture from your camera-phone of the error you found at the little dive where you had lunch yesterday would work! We won’t accept simple statements of “I saw this error and here’s what it said.” There’s got to be proof, preferably verifiable by us.(The aforementioned camera-phone shot is borderline. It’s proof, yes–assuming you aren’t one of those folks who’ll fake a menu with egregious errors throughout it and then take a picture of your creation, and then send that to me so I’ll go on a tear about how ridiculously poor the grammar/usage/whatever is on that menu. I know there are sociopathic grammarians out there.)

Now–get out there and find stuff!