The fourth link of Christmas: Clients in the hot seat!

The collection I think is most helpful to writers looking for an editor is the one I call Broad Daylight Editing.

The purpose is to show potential clients (often new indie writers) what it’s like to work with me as a professional editor. With a client’s permission, I bring questions “into the daylight” so others can see what I look at when I’m working on a project, how I ask my clients the pertinent questions, and what kind of feedback I expect from them as well as what kind I provide.

The drawback is: Readers often feel the need to answer my questions themselves. I’m not asking for input from readers of the collection. I’m asking specifically for the author’s responses. No one else’s opinion matters to me: only my client’s words make a difference. Some folks get huffy when I remind them of the collection’s focus. Oh well, kids — it’s not about you. It’s about my process and my interactions with a specific client on a specific project, and it’s there to show folks what it’s like to work with me.

It ain’t about you, unless you’re the client in the hot seat.

And I can say that this collection has netted me some new clients, so apparently it’s workin’.

Tomorrow: Homophone Hell.