Karen S. Conlin


2018 Robinson Prize laureate, ACES, The Society for Editing

awarded annually to an individual who exemplifies “excellence in editing”



Do you have a draft (perhaps a third or tenth or fifteenth!) written, but think you need a “30,000-foot view” of it to spot major issues with plotting, character development, characterization, or pacing? Developmental Critique/Coaching

Do you have a book finished, but now you need a professional eye for the grammar, usage, mechanics, and assorted stylistic/craft-related issues? Editing Services

Do you have an essay or other piece of nonfiction written, but you’d like an unbiased professional opinion on whether it’s doing what you want it to do? Nonfiction Review

Do you wonder how much it will cost you? Editing Fee Structure (for book editing)

Are you a publishing-business professional (agent, publisher, author services provider) who needs a trained eye to proofread your social media posts? Read this post 

See my Author’s Preferences document on Google Drive.

Email me at karen@grammargeddon.com

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Dubious but Notable Achievement of 2018: Member of “polite and well-ordered pitchfork mob of a descriptivist bent” responsible for the entry of monosyllabic pronunciation of “pubes” into Merriam-Webster dictionary

“I’d never publish a book without sending it to Karen first. After working with her on over a dozen novels, it’s unthinkable. For the many years I searched for a good editor, I thought I was looking for someone who would make me miserable. I thought they’d rip me apart, and was sure that’s what I needed. It felt like the sky had opened when I found Karen, who explored and dredged up every worst habit I had as a writer, but made fixing it FUN. The deepest belly laughs I have these days are reading her notes telling me what a silly ass I’ve been—and she’s right every time.”—Garrett Robinson, author/publisher, UNDERREALM series
“Karen has edited all four books in my ongoing space opera series, and I couldn’t be happier with her work. I was quite nervous working with a professional for the first time on a project I’d poured so much of myself into. However, Karen’s clear edits and insightful suggestions instantly put me at ease and have made my books immeasurably better. 
“Not only has her feedback enabled me to publish with confidence, but I’ve learned so much about elements of writing craft such as register, tense, and usage through working with her. I highly recommend Karen as an editor and collaborator for any writer looking to improve both their manuscript and their skills.”—C.D. McKenna, author, EXPANSION series 


I have been an independent editor since 2012. 

My editing projects include (but are not limited to):

The EXPANSION series by Caitlin Demaris McKenna: Absence of Blade, Alliance of Exiles, and Accord of Shadows (book 4 forthcoming!); 

C. L. Murray’s A Facet for the Gem and Eaglebreaker, the first two books in the Tale of Eaglefriend trilogy;

Andrew Schrader’s weird fiction/horror anthologies What Goes On in the Walls at Night and Vanish into Midnight;

all of Garrett Robinson’s UNDERREALM novels and short story collections through 2018, including those he has published but not written;

LJ Cohen’s HALCYONE SPACE series;


Rick Wayne’s serialized novel Minus Faction (an action/adventure/thriller in seven parts), the occult mystery Feast of Shadows, and other short fiction;

Dean Hamilton’s award-winning historical novel The Jesuit Letter and its sequel, Thieves’ Castle;

plus other fiction titles, long and short, for various clients. 

One of my most enjoyable and challenging multi-book projects was the VIKING series by John Snow. Mr. Snow is a Norwegian speaker who writes in English. With his second book, The Lethal Oath, he asked me to be his editor. I had very little trouble with his English, and indeed I noted for him that whether he knew it or not, he was doing a grand job of translating the feel of the Eddas into English prose. His authorial voice had the feel of the past; his words were simple, but woven into a tapestry as fine as any in a museum. 

Management experience: Oversaw a large in-house and freelance staff in the annual creative design and printing of 90 to 120 game rule books, periodicals, fiction anthologies and related publications for the long-time international industry leader in its genre. Managed internationally known print product lines, from planning and scheduling to writing, editing, illustration, printing, and packaging for delivery to market, under a rigorous preannounced release schedule; personally responsible for up to 20 separate SKUs per year. Coordinated product development across all departments, from R&D, illustration, and cartography to desktop publishing, sales/marketing, and purchasing. Maintained creative integrity for both in-house and licensed brands that are household names around the world.

In-house editorial experience: Provided meticulous copy-editing services with simultaneous content refinement and storyboarding for publications in diverse print formats, with print quantities typically in excess of several hundred thousand units.


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