Karen S. Conlin

2018 Robinson Prize laureate, ACES, The Society for Editing

awarded annually to an individual who exemplifies “excellence in editing”


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Dubious but Notable Achievement of 2018: Member of “polite and well-ordered pitchfork mob of a descriptivist bent” responsible for the entry of monosyllabic pronunciation of “pubes” into Merriam-Webster dictionary


Hiring Karen for a developmental edit on my short story is the best investment in my writing I’ve ever made (except maybe the $20 I paid for a 1928 Remington).

— Doug Metz, “The Typist” (short story, as yet unpublished)


Karen is so much more than just an editor; she’s not merely concerned with proper grammar, spelling errors, and sentence construction… She’s a partner. When starting a project, she’ll take mutual ownership of your goal and make your manuscript rock. She’ll get into your storyline and react like a reader would, and then offer her suggestions for what might work better so your narrative is crisp and alive, and your readers will have a great experience. Quite simply, her editing work is indispensable to me; I cannot imagine publishing a novel without her.

— ML Banner, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author


Karen is a superb editor. If you want your manuscript worked through with a fine-toothed comb, she’s your woman. With her keen eye, her serious attention to detail, and a healthy dose of humor, Karen was a perfect match for my needs. Karen claims that she is primarily a line and copy editor; however, she also has a fabulous sense of the big picture as she works and was able to highlight several ‘writing tics’ that had escaped my notice–and I have written and published multiple novels. I am a better writer because of her. There is no higher accolade a writer can give an editor.

— Lisa “LJ” Cohen

Karen’s helped me tell my stories in my own words, but better. Fast, professional, and entirely reasonable, she found things that I wouldn’t have ever seen on my own. She helped me clean up my story, gave me choices about corrections, and never put words in my mouth.
— Nathan Lowell
Choosing an editor is not like choosing a mechanic, unless you assembled your car from hand-forged components. It’s more like choosing a godparent. You want someone who complements rather than matches your strengths, someone who is tough but fair, someone who sets a good example, someone with experience. Lucky for us mere mortals, Karen Conlin is for hire.
— Rick Wayne
Karen has done a wonderful job copyediting my Viking novella “The Slayer Rune.” Karen does far more than just proofreading the text; she looks beyond the particular sentences to secure a certain level of cohesion and consistent style. For writers like me, who has English as a second language, it also has been reassuring to have Karen check my use of idioms and collocations and weed out anachronistic expressions.
Thank you, Karen!
— John Snow



Nonfiction titles:

1364 Days: A WWII Veteran’s Story, Brenda LeTourneau

Blueprint Homeschooling, Amy Knepper

The Beer Diet, Evo Terra (with Terry Simpson)

Writing Awesome Book Blurbs, Evo Terra (with Jeff Moriarty)

Creating Fabulous Facebook Pages, Jeff Moriarty (with Evo Terra)

Making Killer Google+ Profiles, Evo Terra (with Jeff Moriarty)

Kindling Our Stars: Nurturing the Bright and Dark Flames, Genevieve Wood

Fiction titles (alphabetical by author):

ML Banner

The Stone Age series

Stone Age Volume 1

Desolation: Stone Age Volume 2

Time Slip (a Stone Age short)

The Cicada series

Cicada Book 1

with John Q. Prepper:

Highway: A novel of postapocalyptic survival

L.E. Christopher

Everyday Monsters (coming soon)

Lisa Cohen 

Time and Tithe (Changeling’s Choice book 2)

Ithaka Rising (a novel of Halcyone Space)

Dreadnought and Shuttle (a novel of Halcyone Space)

Parallax (a novel of Halcyone Space)

Gina Drayer

Lotus Petals

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink

Martinis After Dark

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Office Romance

Dean Hamilton  tyburntree.blogspot.com

The Jesuit Letter (The Tyburn Folios Book 1)–named an Editor’s Choice by the Historical Novel Society and short-listed for the 2016 HNS Indie Award

Nathan Lowell

The Hermit of Lammas Wood

Risen from Ashes (Seeker Volume 1)

Milk Run

To Fire Called (Seeker Volume 2)

CD McKenna

Absence of Blade (coming soon)

Charles L. Murray

A Facet for the Gem (The Tale of Eaglefriend, Book 1)

Chris Pitchford

The Helleborine Chronicles

The Agility of Clouds

The Fury of Storms

Garrett Robinson

Academy Journals Series

Alchemist’s Touch

Mindmage’s Wrath

Firemage’s Vengeance

Nightblade Series







T. Pascal

They Were Dolphins

Ann Smyth

Changers of Chandris series (available at Amazon.com)




John Snow          thevikingseries.com

The Viking series

The Slayer Rune

Red Gold

The Bitch Queen

Dava Stewart

Incident at Pine Lake

Dan Thompson

Hell Bent

Debts of My Fathers

Steve Turnbull 

The Frozen Beauty series

The Chinese Vase

Ladies’ Day

Dr Morbury’s Cargo

The Iron Pegasus series

Harry Takes Off

Harry in the Wild

Harry Gets Her Wings

Rick Wayne

Membrane, a Dreadful Café anthology


Feast of Shadows (formerly The Heretic Arcanum) series

Agony in Violet

The Red Dagger


Symphony in Green

The Minus Faction

Episode One: Breakout

Episode Two: Crossfire

Episode Three: Meltdown

Episode Four: Blackout

Episode Five: Aftershock

Episode Six: Shockwave

Episode Seven: Outbreak

Michael A. Williamson

The Immense Center

RPG work:

World of Calidar, Bruce Heard

Academic work:

Journal article about leftist literature for children in the early 20th century, Prof. Hani Morgan, University of Southern Mississippi

Research paper on the uses of blogging in K-12 classrooms, written for publication following peer review, Prof. Hani Morgan, University of Southern Mississippi

Thesis on Bear McCreary’s corpus, written for journal publication after peer review, Dr. Joseph Jones, American University, Hong Kong

Website work:

Various articles about pediatric concerns (vaccinations, nutrition, car-seat safety, etc.) at http://www.lisalewismd.com/ (in progress, not all articles have been completed or updated as of this writing)


“Say the Secret Word,” article, published June 2013 in the SFWA Bulletin #202. You can read the article here on the blog.


I have been an independent editor since 2012. My projects are listed above, by author.

For two years I was on retainer with Sitewire, for whom I edited social media copy for a national supermarket chain. I adhered to AP style and helped create their house style guide for specific guidelines not covered in AP. While I am no longer on retainer, I remain available to them on an as-needed basis.

Management experience: Oversaw a large in-house and freelance staff in the annual creative design and printing of 90 to 120 game rule books, periodicals, fiction anthologies and related publications for the long-time international industry leader in its genre. Managed internationally known print product lines, from planning and scheduling to writing, editing, illustration, printing, and packaging for delivery to market, under a rigorous preannounced release schedule; responsible for up to 20 separate SKUs per year. Coordinated product development across all departments, from R&D, illustration, and cartography to desktop publishing, sales/marketing, and purchasing. Maintained creative integrity for both in-house and licensed brands that are household names around the world.

In-house editorial experience: Provided meticulous copy-editing services with simultaneous content refinement and storyboarding for publications in diverse print formats, with print quantities typically in excess of several hundred thousand units.



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