Time to re-evaluate myself.

And by “re-evaluate myself,” I mean “reconsider my editing rates.” I am not the editor I was in 2012, when I hung out my imaginary shingle and said “Hi, I’m an independent editor who wants to work with independent authors.”

I’ve edited nearly 70 titles since then. I’ve never stopped reading books on the art and craft of editing, and I’ve started reading books on the art and craft of writing because, surprise surprise, they help me be a better editor. I’ve continued reading for pleasure (not nearly as much as I wish I had time for!). I’ve taken a class in developmental editing: a beginning class, because I was very unsure of my skill set even though my clients all told me I was doing the work already.

They were right.

The instructor told me, in so many words, “You know what you’re doing with this. In fact, I suggest you skip the intermediate class and sign up for the advanced one. Do that, and I can help you take your work up to where it could be.”

So, after considering all that (and pondering it in my hear–no, wait. That was Mary. I’m not Mary), I decided to take the plunge and raise my rates to better reflect the work I perform. As of June 1, they’re going up to three cents per word (about $37.50/hour, at 5 pages/hour).

And I’m still offering a bargain, because I still want to work with the indie authors who helped me get here. So, there’s that. For details, hop over to my page here on the blog. Scroll past those 60-some titles I’ve edited, past the work experience blah blah that people expect to see, and click on the links about my developmental critique service and my fee structure. It’s all in there.

Kinda like Prego. (And no, that’s NOT a swipe at Mary. I’m not that sacrilegious. Not during Lent, anyway.)

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