The State of the Editor, 2017

I don’t do an annual review. I do it when I think about how I’ve not done it for a while. And so, here I am tonight, tapping at my pink-backlit keyboard. (I just fat-fingered that and typoed it as “pinko.” Fitting, actually …) And this is as much about me as about the blog, to be honest.

The decision to migrate the blog to hosting came about because of the push for SSL (Google, mainly) for higher security. The cost of implementing that on our private server with our old hosting service was more than we wanted to pay, and the cost of moving it here (losing a little back-end control and a couple of plugins) more than made up for the convenience of having it all done for us by someone else. So. Here we are, at, with a new theme and new colors and new fonts and new. Lots of new.

I haven’t blogged much because, honestly, I’ve been working. While a couple of clients left during the year, a couple new ones came in to take their places, and I’ve had not a lot of free time except for a couple of weeks back in November, and I spent those mostly being a vegetable sitting in front of the TV. I watched a lot of movies (bad horror, mostly) and caught up on some series I’d always meant to watch. By “caught up on” I mean “watched to see if it was worth my time and decided that about half of them weren’t.” Between that and my five-day-a-week gig watching my granddaughter, I still had plenty to do. It just wasn’t editing or blogging. That TV time? That was vacation. Time off. Down time. I don’t regret it a bit.

This coming year I’m feeling more like a real editor than I have in a very long time. I reupped my memberships with the EFA and Copyediting, and I’m currently taking a course through EFA in developmental editing taught by Jennifer Lawler. The very first week’s feedback validated my skills, quashed my imposter syndrome, and showed me where I needed to go next with my dev-edits. It’s a whole different game, developmental editing is, from copy editing. It’s the 30,000-foot view, not the sidewalk cam. My clients (BLESS YOU ALL) had been telling me for years, literally, that I could be a dev editor. I didn’t believe them. Silly me. Listen to your clients, Karen. They’re smart people.

I’m also, for the first time EVER, attending an editing conference. The 2017 ACES National Conference is in St. Petersburg, FL, in March. I’m registered, I have my plane tickets, I have my hotel room, and I’m signed up as a participant in the spelling bee. I also have new luggage, and of course it’s purple. Because purple.  I’ve been attending virtually via Twitter for the last couple of years, but this time I will be there with metaphorical bells on. (Maybe real ones, too. Who knows. I’m pretty unpredictable that way.)

And just think of all those business lunches I’ll be able to write off next year.

So anyway, that pretty much sums things up. I turned 59 yesterday. I’m just getting started.

2 thoughts on “The State of the Editor, 2017

  1. I’m a reader who definitely enjoys your work as I read books you’ve edited. I just want to show up and cheer you on with your new endeavor and this great start of the 60th year of life.


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