The third link of Christmas: My editing philosophy, mostly

This link goes to my collection “Why I Edit (And Why You Might Hire Me).”

In that collection are many links to outside sources, quite a few of which come from Richard Adin’s “An American Editor” blog. It so happens that I agree with nearly everything he says about the work, the business, and the philosophy of editing. He says what I’d say, but better (rather like Carol Fisher Saller does over at the CMoS Q&A).

I’ll note (not without a certain amount of wonderment) that this collection has the largest number of followers, having passed 7500 while I wasn’t looking. My profile has a paltry 5700+ in comparison. The sad part is, following only this collection means missing out on most of what I post about. Ah, well. It’s their choice, not mine.

Tomorrow: Clients in the hot seat!

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