Don’t get pregnant by becoming pregnant?

This morning while reading through my G+ feed, I came across this PSA from Bay Harbour Med Spa, forwarded by Eco Press.

The PSA is important, to be sure. Accutane use by pregnant women, or by those who are trying to become pregnant, is a serious matter. However, the problem is this wording:

” . . . if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant or are pregnant, you must NOT do so by becoming pregnant.”

Excuse me? What was that? Don’t get pregnant by getting pregnant?

Oh, okay–what the writer meant was, if you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, don’t use Accutane. That’s what they meant. It’s not anything like what they said, though.

I left a comment to that effect on the blog entry. We shall see what, if anything, comes of that. Meanwhile, ladies, stay away from Accutane if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive. The two do NOT play well together.

(And yes, I also noted the missing “s” from “clients” in the sentence immediately following this monstrosity.)


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