It’s the Day AFTER National Punctuation Day! (Do you know where your semicolon is?)

In honor of National Punctuation Day, which is celebrated annually on September 24, I offer these links to entertaining, informative sites. (I eschew the neologism “infotainment,” but I do not necessarily eschew obfuscation.)

First, we have the official NPD site, which offers a plethora of links. Don’t miss the link to a clip of Victor Borge and Dean Martin singing punctuation! (No, I won’t make that a link. You’re capable of scrolling and clicking and reading. I know this, because you’re here.)

Second, there’s this brief article from The Atlantic Wire, suggested by Michael Dobson. Yes, it’s about James Joyce. Deep breaths, folks; you’re not expected to read Ulysses. (One sentence from it, with a few other sentences about Joyce’s colon, yes.)

Finally, I offer you “Super Grammar,” courtesy of Nerdage and Scholastic.

Go forth, now, and punctuate.

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