The King’s “impoverish(ed) English”?

Lest we think that we’re alone in our clearly declining standards in English usage, spelling, and grammar, I offer this article from the BBC News, dated 28 June 2012.

I’ll let the article speak for itself, but I will say this: Is anyone else bothered by the fact that every paragraph is a single sentence?

Okay, so I won’t let the article speak entirely for itself. I have to wonder, as an English teacher myself, at the claim that “(t)here’s very little evidence of a benefit to teaching grammar (through grammar drills and exercises).” Speaking purely for myself, that’s exactly how I learned. And I learned it well. Well enough that when I had to take an editing test for a position at a company, I not only found all the errors–I also found four more that the key didn’t include. (I believe the key was updated to reflect those, after I was hired.)

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