It’s not even a homophone, dude.

I decided to register at for some unknown reason, and I started perusing the articles. A little bit of politics, a couple of book reviews, an article about the lota (it’s an Islamic ritual instrument I’ll refer to as a portable bidet), and then . . .

I found it. The error that would give me reason to post here today. I wasn’t overly happy to find it, I’ll be honest. I was almost hoping I’d fail in my search. Ah, Salon, you didn’t let me down. At least this one wasn’t a headline.

If the word misused were really a homophone for the word the writer intended, I’d be happier, I think. As it is, the evil spellchecker wouldn’t have stopped to even contemplate the possibility of the word being incorrect. It’s spelled just fine. It’s just the wrong freakin’ word.

“This is the part–the explanation–where I’m supposed to demure and look a bit embarrassed, as I downplay it, and pretend that it’s really not even worth talking about.”

No. You’re not supposed to “demure.” You’re supposed to demur. 

My kingdom for a copy editor on the staff at!

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