I don’t know anyone who fits this description.

I doubt that any of you readers do, either. It’s pretty specific, and not a little bit oxymoronic. It is, however, a fine example of how an attempt to fit words on a small sign can have mostly meaningless–and pretty amusing, in a sad way–results.

Awfully specific, isn’t it?

Yes, we all know what the sign-writer meant. The problem is: What the writer meant isn’t what the sign says. It’s not good enough to say “Well, we know what he means,” because somewhere, someone won’t know what he means and will only be confused. (How many of us know people for whom English is not their first language, who have problems with everyday idiomatic speech? This could mess with them for months.)

It’s situations like this for which graphics were created, in my opinion. A wheelchair, the outline of a pregant woman, an adult with a babe-in-arms and/or a toddler alongside: Those three graphics would take care of three-quarters of the intended audience. (I’m not aware of a currently accepted graphic for “elderly,” but suggestions are more than welcome.)

Also: We’re not sure where this photo first appeared. If anyone knows the origin, please tell us and we’ll gladly give credit!


One thought on “I don’t know anyone who fits this description.

  1. It’s a toilet reserved for the time-traveling veterans of The Great Cross-dimensional War to End All Cross-dimensional Wars.

    It’s about time something was done to honor their sacrifice and the really screwed-up existences they were left with.


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