I only read Playboy for the typos

Early Saturday morning, Salon posted a story about Jenny McCarthy posing for Playboy at the apparently shocking age of 40. Unfortunately, the article’s subhead didn’t really make sense. It said: “At 40, the celebrity is insults women who don’t have her advantages.” See the screenshot below (click to enlarge).

Later in the day, a commenter called out the typo.* But as I write this, the clock just rolled over to Sunday morning, and the error still has not been corrected. Scott Douglas, friend of this blog and the eagle-eyed spotter of this typo, remarked:

It would be one thing if this were on Open Salon (a volunteer community), but I’m wondering, do the Salon folks (who are paid employees) have anybody working on the weekends? If you’re going to publish, shouldn’t you have at least a community coordinator around?

Yeah, you’d think. Also, it’s not like the error is hard to notice. In fact, you’d have to work hard to miss it. But sadly, not everyone is as obsessive pedantic diligent as we are here at GRAMMARGEDDON!

Thanks, Scott, for sending us the story and the screenshot.

* Several commenters on Salon’s post also argued over the fact that the subhead says Jenny is 40 but the article says she is almost 40. I don’t have a problem with that. Subheads need to be concise, and the difference between 40 and 39-and-three-quarters isn’t worth worrying about. (I can say that because I’m over 40.)

Actually, I didn't know they still published Playboy

One thought on “I only read Playboy for the typos

  1. A good friend of mine at FB, who is very active at Open Salon, reports to me that all the “grammar nazis” (his term, not mine) are over there. Maybe Salon would do well to tap that unused talent to ride herd on the weekends. Just a thought, mind you.


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