It’s horrific, but not the way they’d like

So I’m watching my Twitter feed this afternoon and I see John Scalzi’s Tweets about some cute Goth girl, and a couple of links. I dutifully clickity-click on one of them and I see . . .


As with my post about Cooperstown’s menus, I won’t attempt to enumerate the problems on this site. I’ll just let you folks wander around alone in the dark (it’s a really dark site–the background’s black, dark purple, and green–but at least the type is white) and find the horrors for yourselves.

This is just one more case where a copy editor/proofreader would have helped more than the site owners can even imagine (I think–perhaps they can imagine how much, but I have a feeling they can’t). Seriously, there are typos on every page I looked at. Now, okay, I understand that this is a public-access show, but still, people; hire a proofreader before you slap your copy up on a website, please? That way you won’t have egregious errors like “Sheboygen,” or “synopsis’s” (again with the apostrophe-s masquerading as a plural? Again?) or any of the others I found that I’m sure you will find as well.

I’ve half a mind to Contact Them and offer to proof their site, to bring their quality up a notch. Only half a mind, though. This is a horror movie show, y’know?

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