Editing Advice for Indie Authors

It’s great that so many authors are bypassing traditional publishing and releasing their works directly, but we all know that some of those ebooks could stand to be a little more polished. Check out “Winning the Hearts and Minds of Your Readers Through Editing” for tips on when to seek an editor, how to handle criticism, and more.

(The article is a summary of tips discussed in an accompanying podcast, which I haven’t listened to yet.)

Thanks for our friend and fellow editor Steven Schend for the link.

3 thoughts on “Editing Advice for Indie Authors

  1. I just skimmed this quickly and am very impressed by Mr. Gartland’s take on what we do and how we (should) do it.

    I’m also feeling pretty good about how much I charge, right now.

    Thanks for putting this up, Ray!


  2. I’m hoping to listen to the full podcast very soon. And regarding his price–yes, if I charged 6 cents or more per word, I’m afraid that I’d have fewer clients. We can argue about what editors deserve for their work, but most independent authors just don’t have that kind of money to pay for editing (at least, not when they’re starting out).


    1. ::nods:: I did the math, using the project I’m wrapping up right now for the calculations. My author would NEVER have been able to afford me if I charged that.

      I think we all (editors and indie authors) need to help one another out and up, so we can eventually all make more at doing what we do well and love. (Is that sentimental and gooey enough?)


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