WARNING: Profanity (but boy, did I ever laugh)

This cartoon came across my FB feed earlier tonight and I just howled. It seems to fit much of how I feel these days. Situational grammar/usage humor just–well, it hits my sweet spot. (Stop leering. I can see you, y’know.) Sadly, clicking the link will take you to someone’s FB album. If that means you can’t see it, I’m sorry (or perhaps not). I can’t legally copy it and put it elsewhere, as I don’t know where this person found it to begin with.

1/26/15: Thanks to Ben Zimmer (@bgzimmer) I now have a link to the original, by Philip Selby. Credit where it’s due! KC

If profanity offends you, don’t click. If the fact that I’m amused by something containing profanity offends you, then you probably won’t want to work with me in any official capacity. Don’t say I didn’t warn you–and thanks for reading.

Clickity click here to see the cartoon, please!

1/26/15: If that made you laugh, perhaps you’d like to have a mug or a T-shirt or a hoodie with the cartoon on it! (The idea of this on a hoodie makes me laugh harder than it should. It’s a shame so much negativity is associated with hoodies these days. Still: a white hoodie with that on it, worn by an old white woman? Sure, I might assault someone with a dictionary, but . . . ::shrugs::)

Get yours here.

One thought on “WARNING: Profanity (but boy, did I ever laugh)

  1. I have no idea where it came from- I found it by chance on FB myself! I’m very glad that you liked it though…x


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