Karen S. Conlin



Nonfiction titles:

The Beer Diet, Evo Terra (with Terry Simpson)

Writing Awesome Book Blurbs, Evo Terra (with Jeff Moriarty)

Creating Fabulous Facebook Pages, Jeff Moriarty (with Evo Terra)

Making Killer Google+ Profiles, Evo Terra (with Jeff Moriarty)

Kindling Our Stars: Nurturing the Bright and Dark Flames, Genevieve Wood

Fiction titles:

Fantasmagoria, Rick Wayne

Stormweaver, Ann Smyth

The Hermit of Lammas Wood, Nathan Lowell (not yet published)

Membrane (art + fiction anthologie), Dreadful Cafe/Rick Wayne

Crowchanger, Ann Smyth

Harmonics Book 2: Revelations, Colin Earl and Chris Snelgrove

Academic work:

Journal article about leftist literature for children in the early 20th century, Prof. Hani Morgan, University of Southern Mississippi

Research paper on the uses of blogging in K-12 classrooms, written for publication following peer review, Prof. Hani Morgan, University of Southern Mississippi

Thesis on Bear McCreary’s corpus, written for journal publication after peer review, Dr. Joseph Jones, American University, Hong Kong

Website work:

Various articles about pediatric concerns (vaccinations, nutrition, car-seat safety, etc.) at http://www.lisalewismd.com/ (in progress, not all articles have been completed or updated as of this writing)


“Say the Secret Word,” article, published June 2013 in the SFWA Bulletin #202. You can read the article here on the blog.



Currently a freelance copy editor/proofreader. Working on retainer for Sitewire as a quality assurance specialist for all social media content related to the Kroger accounts and many internal-use documents (reports, Powerpoint presentations, etc.), adhering to AP guidelines and house style manual as required.

Management experience:

Oversaw a large in-house and freelance staff in the annual creative design and printing of 90 to 120 game rule books, periodicals, fiction anthologies and related publications for the long-time international industry leader in its genre.

Managed internationally known print product lines, from planning and scheduling to writing, editing, illustration, printing, and packaging for delivery to market, under a rigorous preannounced release schedule; responsible for up to 20 separate SKUs per year.

Coordinated product development across all departments, from R&D, illustration, and cartography to desktop publishing, sales/marketing, and purchasing.

Maintained creative integrity for both in-house and licensed brands that are household names around the world.

Editorial experience:

Provided meticulous copy-editing services with simultaneous content refinement and storyboarding for publications in diverse print formats, with print quantities typically in excess of several hundred thousand units.



BA in Health Care Administration/Public Administration, summa cum laude, Ashford University

BA in British Literature with secondary teaching certification, Rockford College

Questions about my fee structure? Click to read about it on Google Drive.

My LinkedIn profile

Follow me on Twitter! @GramrgednAngel #realeditorsproofbetter


American Copy Editors Society (ACES), current


Karen is a true pro. And that goes beyond her near-encyclopedic knowledge of the most arcane of Style Guides, too. She deeply cares about the work she performs, and isn’t afraid to demand rigor and consistency from her clients. If you work with her, you will become a better writer for it. Whether you write in 140-character chunks or sling out tens of thousands of words, she has the skills to keep you sounding smarter than you really are! — Evo Terra
Karen makes me a better writer. She is a stickler for details, and knows well the details whereof she speaks. More than once I’ve had her make a suggested change that initially had me scratching my head, only to find out after researching it that she was absolutely correct. Yet she isn’t a slave to the rules, and understands that sometimes they bend to style and effect. She’s a true collaborator in making my work better, and that’s an invaluable resource to have on my side! — Jeff Moriarty
Working with Karen on my fantasy novel was my first experience with a professional editor. Her no-nonsense approach built my confidence in the process, and her enthusiasm for the project was hugely encouraging. The edited manuscript came back promptly, with thoughtful comments on the text, some of which made me laugh even as I facepalmed at my own stupidity. I’d recommend her without hesitation. — Ann Smyth
Karen’s helped me tell my stories in my own words, but better. Fast, professional, and entirely reasonable, she found things that I wouldn’t have ever seen on my own. She helped me clean up my story, gave me choices about corrections, and never put words in my mouth. — Nathan Lowell


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